Moving SOPHOS SG330 from datacenter into office?


we are currently using two SOPHOS SG330 as a firewall in our datacenter and we have connected our offices via RED15. Now we are forced to switch into another datacenter, but the current SOPHOS infrastructure may be obsolete in this scenario, because our new provider is not supporting SOPHOS and comes with another firewall solution. But we want to keep the existing hardware and primarily managed wifi.

So I came up with an idea and wanted to gather some feedback:
Would it be possible to unplug this SG330 from the datacenter and simple install them within our main office while reconfiguring the UTM to get rid of firewall features, surf protection and so on and just use the existing hardware to keep the possibility to configure our WIFI via WebAdmin?

What are your thoughts?

  • Hallo Marcel and welcome to the UTM Community!

    From here in the USA, I've done work on a UTM in a data center (DC) in Germany for a new Sophos partner in Germany at the time, so I don't understand why you'd be forced to use the new DC's firewall.  If you're currently using surf protection, you must be moving more than one device to the new DC.  Is your current DC in the same location as your main office or are you using something else there for surf protection?

    I'd suggest that you speak with your Sophos partner about this...

    Cheers - Bob

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