IP address limits


I'm on a UTM free home licence.

I tried enabling IPv6 and immediately ran over the number of IP addresses I could use.  "Active IP addresses" tab tells me I'm allowed 50, which is what I remember.  However, pressing the (?) help button takes me to a help page hosted on the UTM which states "The free Sophos UTM Manager license allows for unlimited IP addresses."

I checked in myutm.sophos.com and this states "Sophos UTM is available as a full version, free for home users with up to 50 IP addresses."

So.... which is it ?    I'd like to get IPv6 working, but cannot as doing so takes me over the limit; we're a tech-heavy household, and I run about 40 IPv4 IPs showing up usually..  (lots of IoT, several VMs I spin up as needed, some devices on two VLANs so using twice the number of IPs etc..)


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