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SG210 replacement HDD


I have a 6 year old SG210 Rev 1 box that has recently been retired. It is still in great condition and fans still relatively noise free so I am considering repurposing it in a less critical role e.g. as a HA unit for another SG210Rev1 thats is still in use at a branch.

Anyway was considering replacing the internal 320GB HDD with an SSD but not sure if this is possible or what the proceedure would be to get unit in an operational state again. There is nothing on the existing HDD we need to keep (i.e. dont care if its factory reset).

May even consider converting it to XG and using it for intrim "migration". e.g. Put XG on this one and replace the SG210 out there as the primary device and then convert the one out there already and set both in HA mode.

My only concerns are the HDD's in these units are 7 years old so probably overdue to fail really. If I can replace for SSD's I should get many more years out of them.

Anyone done this and what would the appropriate steps and where to get any required downloads. Just need some high level guidence as I am very experienced with hardware/firmware upgrades.


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  • Hi and welcome to the UTM Community!

    If the unit is running a paid license, it is covered by the warranty.  If you open the SG 210, you void the warranty, even without replacing the drive.  If the 210 is a part of an HA setup, it is covered by the warranty because both units are running a paid license.

    If you're not going to be using the unit with a paid license, then opening it isn't a problem.  You might be interested in *Unofficial* Hardware Compatibility List (HCL), And searching here on SSD  or googling SSD for others' experiences.

    Cheers - Bob 

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for the info as I did not realise that re warranty on a passive HA unit - great to know.

    OK so I have now just factory reset and attached the retired SG210 as HA passive to the existing SG210 that is out at the branch which has a current active UTM licence.

    So my understanding is that both units will be covered under warranty in the event of failure as long as we keep renewing the licence on the master. If this is the case then I am happy to leave them as is and just send one back under warranty if/when one fails.

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    Could you please send me a PM with your account name registered with Sophos and the serial number of both SG210s?