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Backup & Restore on a unit replaced via RMA

On an XGS, if I use Backup & Firmware > Backup & Restore > Backup I can restore this with Backup & Firmware > Backup & Restore > Restore. Does this include everything I need? Will the new XGS then functionally be the same as the old and no user would be able to tell the difference?

I'm thinking of certificates, SSH key, firewall rules, custom groups, static DHCP addresses, SSL VPN config, etc.

I don't want to expect the Restore to work and then find that I have to download a different certificate to every device to get TLS decryption to work, or to find DHCP works but all of the static machines have to be reentered. I guess part of my fear is based on not understanding the difference between Backup & Restore and Export/Import. The Backup file is small (I assume binary), while the Export is huge and slow to generate (I assume XML or something), which then worries me that I have the wrong one, or that perhaps one or the other (or both) don't actually include everything that I'd need to be 100% back up quickly.

I read on an older posting that if you have both devices at once, you could do a temporary HA cluster to copy everything without any downtime, but that seems to have its own potential complications -- and I've never done anything with a cluster -- so if Backup on the old and Restore on the new works perfectly, I'll live with the fairly minimal downtime. (But can't have more than minimal downtime chasing down stuff that isn't actually backed up in the Backup.)

Thanks for any tips!

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