Migration from SG 115 to SG 310 - Invalid license file

Hello Guys,

we are actually having a SG115 and we are about to upgrade to a SG310.

License file is generated and downloaded for the SG 310 and both are on the same firmware (9.705-3).

I wanted to reinstall the new SG310 with using a backup file from the old SG115. So what I did was to generate a backup, download the file (with password and not explucing any data due to not missing any passwords) and import the backupfile to the new SG 310.

The SG310 was set up with the bare minimum und was then updatet to the same firmware. The license file was also installed.

Then I tried to restore the backup from the SG115 on the SG310 which seems to be successfull. At first login to the webinterface I will be asked for the license file. When I import the license file of the SG310 I get the message "Invalid license file".

So at which point am I taking the wrong way?

Kind regard
André Döpke

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    Hi Andre Dopke,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    The configuration backup without an option "Unique site data (license, passwords, certificates/keys, endpoints)" selected will replace the already applied license file.  

    I'd suggest you ensure that you're uploading the correct license file and try a different browser if possible. 


  • Hello Harsh,

    thank you for your feedback. What should I say.

    Today I started the SG310, did no changes since yesterday and now it seems to be fine. Also the lic file I installed yesterday where I got the message "invalid license file" is working now. I didn't even needed to install it.

    So thank you in advance.

    Kind regard

    André Döpke

  • The correct procedure in this case is:

    1. If needed, do a quick, temporary install so that the new device can download Up2Dates, apply the desired Up2Dates (all the way to 9.705), do a factory reset and power both units off. If the new unit is at the same level or higher than the current UTMs, this step is unnecessary.
    2. On the current UTM in use, on the 'Hardware' tab of 'Interfaces', assign the MAC as the Virtual MAC for the NICs in use. This prevents having to reboot directly-connected devices.
    3. Create a backup and load it onto a USB memory stick.
    4. Reboot the new device with the USB memory stick in place and remove the memory stick after the boot is complete.
    5. Connect a PC to the new device, upload the license for the new device and then disconnect the PC, leaving the new device powered up.
    6. Power down the old device and move the cables to the new device. Done.

    Cheers - Bob

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