EXIM Vuln. - any news?


anyone at Sophos can comment on the EXIM vulns, for instance as described here? https://www.heise.de/news/Jetzt-patchen-Kritische-Root-Luecken-bedrohen-Exim-Mail-Server-6036724.html



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  • I was about to make a ticket after 9.706-8 was causing attachment corruption with email. Every attachment in or out was getting about 1.3% of the end of the file removed. I check a original and a corrupted file in a hex compare, it didn't scramble or corrupt the data structure, it just literally whacked the last bit off the data stream. here is an example of one of the test files https://i.imgur.com/MecVsxV.png . I'm posting here to say 9.706-9 fixed my issue. Ticket averted.

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