SSD crashed after 1,5 year - SG230 Rev. 2

Hey Folks,

we bought a new SG230 Rev.2 in July 2019. On Monday now the System crashed and after the reboot the hard disk is not recognized anymore. Because we need to get online asap agein, we replaced the ssd on our own, did a fresh install and restored the config. This worked like a charm.

But i was really shocked to be honest after opening the Appliance. Sophos is using consumer SSDs for a HA Hardware Appliance! Seriously? In our SG230 an ADATA SU800 SSD was used. We used them in the past for our desktop pcs, but they are not very reliable and the controller of the ssd often crashed within 1/1,5 years. 

Why is Sophos not using some Pro/Enterprise SSDs for a system which needs to run 24/7??? Now we also need to get prepared, becaue we another SG230 and a SG310 in July 2019 and i really hope they will not crash as soon.

And of course we are now waiting since monday, till the RMA is beeing processed!



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