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root Partition is filling up after Update to 9.413-4

Hi Forum,

yesterday I updated our UTM SG330 to 9.413-4 and now our nagios shows a trap with "root partition is filling up - please check".

After logging in via ssh, dh -h says, rootpartition is 90% full. Strange thing is, there is a http.log with 1,9GB in /var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/webadmin/var/FcGbUImbCwyvx..../downloads/singlelogfile with creationdate May 10 16:35, but not growing.

Can we delete this http.log without problems? And do I have to do this on the slave, too? Or are there any tasks in the UTM, who will take care of that files automatically?

Moreover there are many cryptic folders below /var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/webadmin/var/, which are from november or february. Can we delete them, too?

I'm new to Sophos UTM, so sorry for any stupid questions.

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi, Rudi, and welcome to the UTM Community!

    I believe that you can delete those singlelogfile files underneath those cryptically named directories, but this was only seen here once and that was over eight years ago.  I found that by Googling (all one line): "/var/sec/chroot-httpd/var/webadmin/var/"

    Cheers - Bob

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  • Hi Bob,

    thanks for your reply. I found out, that these logfiles will be created due to initiating the view-button under "logging & reporting -> view log files". Therefore I also believe, that we can delete these files and cryptic folder above, too. The only thing is, this can be dangerous, if you filled up the root partition to 100%. Maybe you won't be able to manage the UTM in case of full root partition. On our SG330 root partition is only 5,2GB big by factory, actually 51% in use. So not too much space for big logfiles in view.

    Nevertheless our issue is now fixed. Thanks

    Cheers - Rudi

  • Thanks friends.

    Tonight I tried to look at an archived log file that filled my / partition. I wish i had spotted this thread before I rebuilt my database. You saved my life.