Bridge Interface DHCP not working

Basics - I'm trying to setup a new security camera system for my home, and I don't want it to have access to the internet so the only way I can see streams is to VPN into my home network. Using an ESXi Host (it's old 6, need to get new hardware so I can update it), UTM 9.718-5 with APX530 for WiFi.

Since I will be using both WiFi & PoE camera's I need to have the NVR and and the WiFi on the same subnet. Therefore I setup a bridge between the WiFi (Wlan3) and a Eth (virtual) adapter. I'm running a DHCP server on the UTM, and as soon as I bridge the Wlan & Eth it stops giving out IP's.  I've searched the forms, and haven't been able to find any solutions. I have tried enabling additional ethertype's as pointed out in one post - didn't think it was going to help and it didn't.

IP Setup:
Lan :192.168.1.x
VPN: 192.168.2.x
Camera 192.168.4.x

Firewall allows Full access from LAN/VPN to Camera, select ports from Camera to LAN/VPN but Camera isn't allowed to Internet (Sorry I really don't trust cloud providers and having video access to my home)

Any ideas/suggestions?