Network Services -> DNS -> DynDNS -> Type:EasyDNS has the wrong server; How do I change it?

If this is the wrong forum for this question, I apologize. I did not find one related to the Networking configuration specifically.


I am running Sophos UTM 9.718-5 with a Home User licence as my main UTM/firewall device for my home.

Up to now, I have had a fixed IP address assigned to me through my ISP, but for various reasons that aren't relevant to the question and, for brevity's sake I will not detail here, I need to change ISP and am not able to get a fixed IP address through my new provider. I am therefore looking to configure some of the DynDNS settings for the first time. My DNS is provided by easyDNS, which do have API access to allow management of dynamic DNS. And I was very excited to see that there's support within Sophos UTM for easyDNS that is built-in.


Unfortunately, the built-in type for "EasyDNS" includes an outdated address for the server: According to the documentation for easyDNS, the server should be (reference:

Sophos UTM, however, does not appear to allow editing of the server name. Is there any way for a Home user to update this entry or submit a ticket to Sophos to have that corrected? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!