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Update 9.717003 without release official notes / blog entry?


my UTM total send a notification.

Up2Date 9.717003 package description:

 System will be rebooted
 Configuration will be upgraded

 Maintenance Release

 Fix [NUTM-14362]: [Basesystem] Increase granularity of ethernet offload options
 Fix [NUTM-14368]: [Email] Exim: libspf2 vulnerability - CVE-2023-42118

RPM packages contained:

any more information, possible high security issue?

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  • NUTM-14362 seems to be related to an issue Helmut and Dirk described in the german forum: here. It affects only I40E NICs.
    NUTM-14368 seems to be the fix to the EXIM vulnerability recently announced here. A fix for the libspf was announced, date TBD.

    Glad to see it be fixed for a product with less than 3 years remaining lifetime, probably the support and customer relation teams are busy with the upcoming R20 of sophos firewall software and did not yet find time for proper communication.