SSO switch from eDirectory to Active Directory

SG310 UTM Version 9.711-5

We are currently using eDirectory for SSO.  We will be retiring eDirectory next month and moving to Active Directory

Can we have AD SSO running at the same time as eDirectory SSO?  Just trying to figure out the least painful way to make the change over. If we could run them both at the same time we could test things before the switch.

If anyone else has done this before and has any pointers, I would be appreciative of the insight


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    You shouldn't have a problem.  If you are having difficulties, please insert pictures of the relevant configuration(s) and of the error message you receive.

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  • Thanks

    We did make the switch, but missed changing the "Default Authentication" on the individual Filter Profiles first. We only changed the Default Authentication on the default profile and everyone started getting the login box. Changing the Filter Profiles authentication first and then the default profile worked. Not sure if it is supposed to work that way or if that is just the way our luck works... I'm happy as long as it works.