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Office 365 and huge list of proxy exceptions


we are migrating to Office 365 including the migration from on premise to online Exchange.

I found this thread:

Since the last entry is years ago, are there any new solutions for the problem of maintaining these huge lists of exceptions?

It looks like the scripts aren't working anymore.

I think I need days of inserting all these ips, subnets and urls just once. And there may be many typos.

This is a little annoying, since this is the final step towards office 365 and it is such a blocker.

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  • In these types of fields like in my example below, you can import text. What I do is copy/paste text into something like Notepad or Word to format any text I want, which is single column; i.e.:

    then paste from Notepad into the import field.

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    16GB Memory | 500GB SATA HDD | GB Ethernet x5

  • Thank you very much. This is a lot easier.

    I can process the json to a csv with all the websites/url and import it here.