I Went to Stanford and I Can't Figure Out How to Search this Forum

This forum is WAY too hard to use; has Sophos never heard of Discourse?

How do I search only the UTM Firewall forum?

How do I search only a sub-forum of the UTM Firewall?


  • Look up at the top.  White area is the search field.  Type in the text and hit the magnifying glass.  When your search results appear, you can click on the 'Community' checkbox on the left side.

    Or, completely not use the horrible search function of this forum, and instead just use duckduckgo and/or google to find what you need because it's less hassle.

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  • Agreed with Amodin.  I search with DDG using site:community.sophos.com/products/utm-firewall to just search this forum.  site:community.sophos.com/products/utm-firewall/f/management-networking-logging-and-reporting searches in that sub-forum.  To search only in the KnowledgeBase articles, site:community.sophos.com/kb.

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