Working hack for eth1 DHCP client issue

Finally I took the time and got a hack working for the eth1 not getting a DHCP address from an ISP.  I have posts back YEARS with things I/others have tried.  I finally just hacked a cron job to renew my eth1 DHCP address every minute.  This is finally a work around for a long running issue.

So... if your cable modem reboots or your ISP does maintenance, and you lose your IP on eth1...

Create a file: /etc/crontab.custom_eth1_renew

# local hacks
# run dhcpc to renew IP for eth1 interface in case of cable modem outage.
* * * * * root /var/mdw/scripts/dhcpc renew eth1

Reboot UTM

This will run the dhcpc command every minute to renew the IP address for eth1