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Internal interface set to Vlan10 and couldnt get back in


Setting up a new UTM 135, 1 internet and 2 vlans

Went through basic setup fine

Changed the internal interface from ethernet to ethernet vlan with ID of 10 on eth0, applied and obviously it dropped my connection as its on a VLAN

Went to the switch, set the port on the switch that the UTM eth0 (internal) is connected to as Tagged for VLAN 10, then port 2 on the switch which my laptop was connected to was untagged on VLAN10.

The laptop had a static IP of, default gateway of (UTMs IP)

No matter what I tried, i couldnt access the UTM.

Are you meant to leave eth0 as ethernet for internal and then use eth4 perhaps for VLANs?

In the end I had to factor reset the UTM to clear VLAN and start over. No biggy but like to learn from my mistake.

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  • Ah I think I found the answer, im using a Netgear GS748T, by default all ports are on VLAN ID 1 so with the UTM being on 10 I should have tagged on the switch VLAN ID 1 to Port 1 where it was connected.