Today we've released UTM 9.704. The release will be rolled out in phases.

  • In phase 1 you can download the update package from our download server.
  • In phase 2 we will make it available via our Up2Date servers in several stages.
  • In phase 3 we will make it available via our Up2Date servers to all remaining installations.

Up2Date Information


  • Maintenance Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade

Issues Resolved

  • NUTM-11829 [Access & Identity] L2TP connections fail when many users are connected
  • NUTM-11928 [Access & Identity] Hardening of Authentication Server configuration page
  • NUTM-11559 [Basesystem] Update i40e driver
  • NUTM-11966 [Basesystem] Patch binutils (CVE-2018-17985)
  • NUTM-11982 [Basesystem] Patch BIND (CVE-2020-8616, CVE-2020-8617)
  • NUTM-12007 [Basesystem] Patch OpenSSL 1.0.2j (CVE-2019-1547, CVE-2019-1551, CVE-2019-1563)
  • NUTM-12041 [Basesystem] Patch UTM kernel (CVE-2019-3701, CVE-2019-15916, CVE-2019-20096 CVE-2020-8647, CVE-2020-8648, CVE-2020-10942, CVE-2020-11494)
  • NUTM-11664 [HA/Cluster] Error message "send_ha_msg(ECHO_MASTER): sendto(255) errno = 22";
  • NUTM-11113 [Logging] Log archiving to SMB share fails to connect
  • NUTM-11846 [Network] Add confd option to enable multicast for IGMP
  • NUTM-11849 [Network] Syslogng fails to write if max concurrent connections is reached
  • NUTM-11936 [Network] DNS host object not updated/unresolved after fail-over
  • NUTM-11938 [Network] Unable to save the new profile in SSLVPN, it gives error "Warn: Client authentication cannot use more than 170 user and group networks at the same time"
  • NUTM-11779 [RED] RED site-to-site tunnel failover doesn't always work
  • NUTM-11886 [RED] RED server restart notification sent from auxiliary node
  • NUTM-12040 [RED] RED20 is not forwarding tagged traffic like RED15
  • NUTM-12134 [RED_Firmware] Improve throughput for SD-RED WiFi
  • NUTM-12135 [RED_Firmware] Enable 802.11ac for SD-RED WiFi
  • NUTM-11972 [REST API] REST API: Invalid response on GET query for S/MIME component
  • NUTM-11681 [Sandstorm] Sandbox Activity tab uses the incorrect date formatter
  • NUTM-11685 [WAF] Let's Encrypt renewal fails with HTTP->HTTPS redirection for IPv6 vhost
  • NUTM-11925 [WAF] WAF redirects some requests to the first domain of the virtual webserver
  • NUTM-11388 [Web] Httpproxy restarted due to segmentation fault and generated core dump
  • NUTM-11577 [Web] WebProxy not reliably deleting cached temp files
  • NUTM-11841 [Web] Proxy crash with coredump
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