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SSID Scheduled Slider

Hi, I think it would be much nicer if the time interval selection section is very useless, if the example is as follows.

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  • Your question isn't clear. What's useless? Are you trying to set a rule for 8:00 PM to 8 AM and it doesn't work to drag the left edge past the right edge?

    [EDIT] I just tried it in Sophos Central, and it does not allow you to drag the start to the right of the end, so you can't have an 8PM - 8AM kind of schedule. Probably less useful for most use cases, since it's more likely you'd want an SSID down during non-business hours, but for completeness, allowing the start time to be to the right of the end time, or having an "Invert hours" kind of selection would be helpful.

    (I'm assuming your screen shot is for a firewall-managed AP, since you have fancy blue lines and a dot while in Sophos Central it's a much more subtle effect.)

  • pulling from gray bar very difficult to use now

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