See customer VLAN bandwidth (report)

Utilizing the Sophos Central Manager portal, where we have one of our data center Sophos firewalls reporting too, does not give us the option to see individual VLAN interface monthly bandwidth usage metrics.

Is there a way to run reports that reflect the bandwidth usage metrics of any VLAN Interfaces? If Sophos can't do that, what solution do you recommend we implement to achieve this?

  • I do this (for myself, not customers) and each VLAN has its own firewall rule(s), so I report based on Firewall rule. You can also report based on Zone, and I also have a Zone (Guest, Work, IoT, etc) for each VLAN. Sophos Central saves 30 days, so that works perfectly.

    You placed this in Sophos Wireless, but I'm referring to the Bandwidth Usage reports available for firewalls managed by Sophos Central. I haven't tried anything for Sophos Central Wireless directly for managed APs.