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Sophos XG106

My office is being moved to another location and I'm going to try and configure this firewall remotely since I'm away. Can I create a separate Wan port on this firewall so the lady of the house just has to plug it into port 3 instead of port 2 at the new location?

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  • Hi Baky,

    You have posted this query in the Wi-Fi section. I am trying to help you with my limited knowledge. You can create second WAN link on the XG and get it up and running at new location on the new WAN Port. Post that you can delete the 1st WAN port. Hope this is helpful way out. You may refer this link for WAN configuration.

  • What are you wanting to accomplish with a different port for the WAN? It sounds like the device is moving and the ISP is changing. Is the new ISP giving you a static (or DHCP) address where the old ISP was giving you a DHCP (or static) IP address, or something like that? Or is it a deeper issue? If your old ISP gives you an IP address via DHCP and the new one does as well, I think you would not have to do anything with a second port, just plug into the same WAN port.

    As RohitKumar correctly says, you can certainly set up a second gateway -- which at the old location will have nothing plugged into it and at the new location will be plugged in and the old gateway port not plugged in. You can set up the system to failover to the second WAN gateway/port when the first goes down. It feels like there might be a couple of steps involved to make sure the switchover occurs as you want. What version of SFOS are you running?