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Issue with APX320


i have a Problem with an APX 320. It boots up remains green but dont get an IP Adresse.

I connected with the Console to see what is happening during boot. But the only i see is this

Can i do something on my own or what does that mean? I think it means nothing good

Thanks for your help.


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  • Ok. now i can see more:

    Is there the Image corrupted?

  • Hi, 

    this looks like the Kernel image is corrupted.

    Try to stop autoboot by hitting any key after you see the first lines of uBoot.
    You might be able to stop and enter the uBoot environment.

    If this doesn‘t work properly, try a few Serial Ports Adapter, I had a few that didn‘t had the proper timing.

    From uBoot you can erase the roots partition and load a new kernel image from a tftpserver.
    After breaking autoboot, just try to load the kernel from tftp. „
    Erasing the kernel might get you you in more trouble.

    I had a few broken APX120 that I was able to recover.