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Question on VPN clients: several connections, routing


I'd appreciate your help with the following question.

From Linux, I can open several VPN connections at the same time, e.g. openVPN to the Sophos firewall at our office and vpnc (Cisco protocol) to the router at home. The standard VPN client can be setup in such a way that the default route and DNS is unchanged (i.e. if connected through an LTE/4g mobile modem, browsing and DNS goes through the phone provider, but requests to either my home network or to the company network are routed through the appropriate VPN tunnel).

Now I have got colleages with Windows10 and with MacOS who use the Sophos client with an IPsec VPN to the office. They want the same flexibility (several concurrent VPN connections of different protocols, flexible routing). The Sophos IPsec based client seems to be capable only of a single IPsec tunnel and all traffic through the tunnel.

What software would I use on Windows10 and MacOS instead?

Thanks for any help, ideas, hints, suggestions!

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  • Not a Wireless discussion, but on the Mac you actually can't use the Sophos Client right now. (At least that's my understanding.) So I use OpenVPN Connect, which I'm guessing you're using in Linux.

    From a security standpoint, split tunnels would worry me, but it should work.