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Central FW Config Import

Is there any way to import configs to central when creating template policies? I’ve had to use Notepad++ with a lot of copying and pasting to create large IP whitelists, hosts, exceptions, etc. The problem is I don’t see a way to do that in central, so when I deploy a new firewall I have to let Central deploy all of the basic rules and settings but still have to go into the firewall directly to import multiple configs. Same thing for the OTP token, because I can’t figure out how to decrypt the hashed OTP export to grab the client secret for a manual entry into the Central Group template policy. I’m a noob so maybe I missed something blatantly obvious, but I could imagine it would be a nightmare if I had a client come along and want to purchase 10+ XGS’ and have them fully provisioned OOB without having to manually import all of the non-central configs in advance (hence needing to unbox each one and do a lot more than just setting up some of the WAN and/or LAN info which can be done via the light touch config file on a USB w tweaks to each as the devices come online).

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