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Central Wireless Hotspot Voucher - Login Page not showing on Apple Mac Books


we encountered an issue where the Login Page for Wireless networks created on Central with Hotspot type "voucher" is tnot working on Mac Books.

It is working on Windows and Android phones. But the Apples will not load the login page. If you enter some page in the Browser on the Apples (Safari or Firefox), they are not redirecting to the login page and the original page just times out.

We have copied the login page from the Windows devices something on prod hydra, I do not remember the full URL, and entered it in the browser on the Apple devices while connected to the WiFi and they could reach the page but got HTTP 404 there.

Anyone seen this so far?

We disabled the hotspot on Central and created it on XGS as Hotspot with Voucher and it's working there also for the Apple devices.

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