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Sophos FW and Wireless Experience

I'm interested in hearing about your experiences with Sophos's hardware (XGS, Redbox and APs). Currently, we are running Ubiquiti UDM Pro, switches, APs with Sophos EPP. We have had a decent experience with UIs hardware, but I want to make things "better". End-to-end protection of our environment sounds great, but how much of that is marketing fluff vs the real world

I have two issues with UIs hardware that is considering me to switch hardware. One, there is no tech support. The best they have are the UI forums and maybe Reddit and that's just not cutting it anymore. Two, their underlying OS on these devices is a mix-mash of *nix, EdgeOS, and what-not. Their mgmt platform is ok if you are using all of one type (all the silver hardware), but I'm also using their 10G switching, 1G switching, and EdgeRouter. None of which is incorporated under a single pane of glass or a common CLI.

Thank you for your time!

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