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Wifi 6 Accesspoints

Does anyone know when sophos wifi 6 access points will be available? Is there a reliable date? Unfortunately, google has not produced anything tangible. omegle

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  • This all sound like Q1 2023 will be very rushed while organisations obtain, test and deply a new technology.

    Some of us with older WAPs (AP30) have been waiting too, but cannot upgrade XG beyond 18.0.6 - so we will have a very out-of-date version of the firewall or have to temporarily upgrade hardware for 6-12 months usage before Wifi 6 is available. This has never seemed attractive because Wifi 6 has always been 6 months away (for 18-24 months now!).

    At some point the need for better WAPs might drive the decision about the firewall rather than the other way round!

    I am sure that you find this situation frustrating too - I certainly do!

    On further examination, 18.0.6 will be end of life before the Wifi 6 stuff is even available. Not good!

  • Hi,

    you can always move away from Sophos APs and the Sophos replacement for the AP30 is currently the APX120 which is wifi5.


    XG115W - v20 EAP 1 - Home

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