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APX530 and APX740 Out of stock


We're a Sophos partner trying to rollout XGS firewalls with Sophos APX broadcasters but hit a major issue where our orders for broadcasters are grinding to a halt. the APX 530 and APX 740 are out of stock according to Sophos with NO ETA.

Nice one Sophos, you make XGS 18.5 no longer support older broadcasters, forcing customers to upgrade and then you cant even supply them or even give an ETA.

I've esculated this within Sophos but everyone is giving us "there's no ETA."

So I'm hoping posting this will raise awareness and someone with common sense at Sophos will actually realise how much of a problem this is to partners and feedback so XGS can programmed to support older broadcasters for the time being. At the moment we're sat on multiple deployments and unable to go anywhere.

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  • I had another response back and every partner is in the same boat. Annoyingly, yet predictably, Sophos won't do anything to allow XGS to support non-APXs model.

    Thanks for suggesting ebay route, we're in the UK and saw this auction is US based. Its highly tempting to get the projects shifting but have no idea on what Sophos's support/warranty would be using used broadcasters. Also I'm not sure if the broadcasters would function outside the US, technically I cant see why not but who knows what license limitation they've implemented.

    One thing I have up my sleeve is to use a UTM and turn that into an AP controller for the older broadcasters and connect that with the XGS.

  • APX320 are also out of stock. Germany region.

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