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How to see who has Logged in when on wich AP with what Mac Adress


I am searching around here for hours but can't find an Answer.

I Have a Bridge to LAN Wi-Fi with wpa2 full length random letters and numbers Password. Today I saw the DC`s DHCP has leased an IP to an unknown device.

MAC 12:11:23:4b:40:86 Name A30-von-Nalan (I think Samsung A30 but mac seems to be virtual) I don't know anyone with this Name.

Device is not longer online (can't ping it or something) Lease time 8days lease ends 27th NOV so it was active at the 19th

It has to be an Wi-Fi Device, because there is no way to plug a device into a Physical LAN Port .
I have the mac address of it and entered it into Protocols filter and there is no Result, because the XGS is not the DHCP for this Wi-Fi I tried it with some other macs

witch are actual in Wi-Fi. NO RESULTS for Connect or Disconnect events just firewall rules !!! So I googled around and found this:

tail-f /var/tslog/wc_remote.log

Ok Going there, I see only actual connect activities but no log for 3day old activities.

Can this be true that there is no log functionality for Wi-Fi access and no warning function for random connection attempts with wrong Wi-Fi passwords or something or new connection from first time mac addresses??

I mean bought new APs for 2500 € and can't believe this essential security feature is nowhere? (UTM had it)

Do the APs log that events internal and how do I get those?

So Please help me! Looks like I am to stupid for this.

Thank U for reading and answers.

Regards Christian.

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