Dropping connection when APs are on Central

Hi, as XG 18 does not support legacy APs anymore, i have tryied to move first 3pcs of AP15C APs to central... Firmware updated to 2.3.2 but after few days i have got feedback that connection is dropping few times a day, its not possible to connect to network. All APs have the same network, bridged to LAN, with WPA2 PSK, only channels are set to manual 1, 6 and 11.

WAN connection is stable, anyway, what happens when AP loses connection to central? It works normal like local AP? Or it does need connection?

When i moved them back to be managed by XG v17, all is working fine.

Thank you, Vitek

  • You can configure the "keep broadcast of Wireless" in Central Wireless under SSID. Which means, if the internet is lost, the AP will still broadcast the wireless. Does this fix your issue?