APX530 and APX740 service interruption during every reconfiguration

Hey guys,

every time we change the configuration of an APX530 it causes a short service interruption while the AP reloads the configuration. Is this normal? Is it a limitation of the chipset or a software issue?


  • It depends on the kind of change. If you actually change the SSIDs, those will be reloaded and interrupt the connection. This is normal. But to be honest, you should not change this in a minute base to have a significant downtime? 


  • I agree, configuration changes are relatively rare, so this in itself isn't that big of a problem (we experience the issue when we add a MAC to the blacklist). But some wificlients like printer or beamer don't automatically reconnect after the short outage, and manual reconnect gets quite tiresome. Is that something that can/will be fixed with a software update or is this a hardware limitation?