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how many access points can be managed and controlled by a sophos XG appliance?

is there any limitation on the maximum number of sophos wireless access points that can be configured, managed, and controlled by a sophos XG appliance?

any suggestion please

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  • There is no hard limit but there is a soft limit based on the size of the appliance, which appliance are we talking about?


  • We have the following models used right now:

    head office using CR1000iNG-XP (SFOS 16.05.5 MR-5)

    one of our branches using CR25iNG (SFOS 16.05.2 MR-2)

    one another branch is using XG125 (SFOS 17.0.8 MR-8)

    Thank you

  • I can't really comment on the Cyberoam side of things as I don't know the performance around those devices too well.

    But I would suggest the XG125 would have a soft limit (for performance) of around 30. Don't hold me to that because I am struggling to find the documentation of recommended number of APs


  • Hi,

    Just to confirm what Emile said, we make a recommendation based upon the size of appliance. It will also depend upon whether you are using the firewall/UTM solely as a Wireless controller or using other protection features as well.

    The attached chart gives you an indication for XG appliances and you can check the model specs under to see which is equivalent to your CR models.

    This recommendation is intended for best performance and assumes the unit is being used predominantly as a Wireless controller and does not have all protection features activated.

    Hope this helps to answer your question.

    Best regards


  • Isn't the answer currently ZERO if you're using APX APs?

  • Yes, that is correct as APX compatibility will be coming in an upcoming release. I believe it is MR2 due in the first two weeks of February.


  • Hi,

    is this information still valid for the latest SFOS software version and APX models?

  • APX uses the same technique as AP Series. So the information should be valid.