v19 HyperV disk usage, reporting full

Disk usage on my HyperV is full.

SFV6C8_HV01_SFOS 19.0.0 EAP2-Build271# df -h
Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
none                    640.1M      2.0M    591.4M   0% /
none                      1.9G     16.0K      1.9G   0% /dev
none                      1.9G     20.2M      1.9G   1% /tmp
none                      1.9G     14.7M      1.9G   1% /dev/shm
/dev/boot               127.7M     26.9M     98.0M  22% /boot
/dev/mapper/mountconf   560.3M     88.0M    468.4M  16% /conf
/dev/content             11.8G    620.4M     11.2G   5% /content
/dev/var                  3.7G      3.2G    495.6M  87% /var

Looks like reporting disk is only 3.7GB, how to resize it to get more space?
That problem never exist on my 18.0 or 18.5 HyperV.
I used the HyperV v19EAP2 image for install.

rm /var/tslog/ *.log.0 was my quick and dirty solution to get some more space, but can not be a solution!  

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