Diagnostic reports accuracy

Hi folks,

we are a long way through testing v18, currently at EAP 3 refresh 1.

Why are the diagnostic logs so inaccurate? How can you have 39.84 clients, you either have 39 or you have 40. Average clients connected is of no value, looks lovely on a graph, but any manager will go that is useless.

Interface usage is just joke, I have a 50/20 mb/s link, but the report shows 19/11 during speed tests, it is not as if the speed test runs for a couple seconds.


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  • Hi Jekin,

    thank you for the followup. I am seeking clarification based on your answer. What you are saying is the diagnostic display is correct but at odds with the GUI, the MBP (activity monitor) network connection and the browser speed test result?


    XG115W - v19.5 GA - Home

    Test machine - Asus P10S-i E3-1225v5, 6gb, 4 intel NICs, v19.5 GA

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