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Website Problem


One of our users is continuously facing a problem with a website. After logging in to the website and using it for a little time, it starts showing "Wrong requested URL!" Page couldn't be found!. He tried using different browsers but same.

Is there any setting in the firewall that can cause this issue, like caching the web content or a filter?

XGS 135


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  • Hello, 

    Did you try accessing the site without passing through Sophos Firewall or without any web filter/policy/IPS/app control? What are the results? Does changing DNS on end machine help load the site properly? Also ,was this site working properly before behind Sophos Firewall? if yes, are there any recent change/s on the config/network settings prior to this issue? also is this same concern happens to all user or he's an isolated case?

    Also, If the site loads properly w/o SF, Could you load the site again behind SF and check Log Viewer > Web Filter/IPS for results going to that site?


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