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Backup Restore is not applied on an XGS 3300

I have an XGS 3300, SW 19.5.3 with a problem, so I backed up the settings and am trying to restore it on another XGS 3300, SW 19.5.4.

Apparently the restoration happens without problems, it goes from 1 to 100% without errors, then the equipment restarts, but nothing has changed in the settings.

I've already tried with three different backup files, but the result is the same.

Any idea ?

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  • I carried out several tests last night and this morning, these were the steps.

    1. I tried the restore process again, with a backup file from last week, it didn't work;

    2. I re-imaged the equipment, with firmware 19.5.3, which until now is the same version as the backup files on the other equipment that is in production, it didn't work;

    3. I manually uploaded the firmware version 20.0 to the equipment and booted it, I retrieved a backup from another XGS 3300 located in another location, with this firmware version (20.0), it worked perfectly, it was at the same time connected to the equipment via cable console and noticed that the equipment did not restart, but restored the backup.

    4. So I booted the device again with firmware 19.5.3, tried to recover backup files from January, it didn't work. I noticed that, unlike the restoration that worked, in this one, as soon as I ordered the restoration, the equipment restarted, I was connected via the console port, via putty, to observe, but the restoration process remains on the web console counting the percentage, until it reaches at 100%, which is when the equipment has finished restarting, but nothing has been restored. I tried 2 more times with different files and the behavior was the same.

    5. Once again I did the re image, tried to restore a backup from 01/05, without success, so I collected the logs (postgress, applog, system, csc and up2date) and sent them to support for analysis.

    I believe the problem is with the source equipment, something must be corrupt, preventing the backup file from being exported correctly. I tried to export the settings in XML format, but it doesn't work either, I click and nothing happens, the XML is not generated.