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Cant get a simple directly connected network firewall rule working. XGS126

I am completely stumped by this.  I am sure its something obvious that I am overlooking. 

Lan Port 1 -

MGMT port 5 -

I already had a rule saying mgmt subnet source could access lan subnet destination   That worked fine, the mgmt server ( can RDP etc to the LAN server (

but then the server engineer said could I allow access from mgmt server to the LAN server ilo (   First off I couldnt work out why this wasnt just working with the above rule.

So set up a separate rule above the other one just for mgmt server to lan server ilo but when I ping or try access it it doesnt work. I can see the out counter slightly increasing on the rule.  

In the firewall logs I can see the rule being hit and being allowed. 

What am I missing?  I know the ilo is working fine as it is reachable from the lan network server so ive got past it being a physical (cable, connection) issue.

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