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XG 19.5.0 Configuration restore failing

Hi,,  I am on XG 19.5.0 GA 197.   When trying to restore a configuration save from either from 19.0.1 OR 19.5.0, I occasionally get a failure on the restore of the saved configuration (even when saved/restored to/from the same version).  On a fresh build the failure leaves the default configuration in place.

In the migrationhash.log I find the following error, after which the restore of the config aborts:

Thu Nov 24 20:20:41 2022Z  Data processing started for entity :waf_advanced_config                                                                              
Thu Nov 24 20:20:41 2022Z  Processing started for entity waf_advanced_config    
Thu Nov 24 20:20:41 2022Z  Processing table tblwafadvanceconfig                 
Thu Nov 24 20:20:41 2022Z  Failed to decryption data for :tblwafadvanceconfig:co

Any advice or thoughts?

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  • Hi Dave,

    This looks very similar to a WAF issue that has been fixed recently, although that one was a corruption of some database fields causing the backup to be unusable, so it would be a permanent failure instead of an occasional one.

    If you open a support ticket, our dev team would be able to take a look at the device and provide a workaround if it's indeed the same issue.


  • Dave, 

    Would you be able to share your backup & enable support access to your device? As Attila mentioned, the Engineering team would like to take a look at your device & try to reproduce the problem with your backup. 

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  • thank you!   I will PM you with the config and happy to enable debugging access.  let me know next steps.  Just did a backup config restore today, same applicance, same firmware, backup config from 5 days ago, and same exact failure in migrationhash.log.  thanks again