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Could not validate certificate! CAA Will now close

Hi all

XG330 (SFOS 18.5.4 MR-4-Build418)

today i get this error on CAA

Could not validate certificate! CAA Will now close

certificate is already deployed on windows computers and expire at 2036, no problem before until today.

I have one MAC Computer, so it has also this error and i try to reinstall CAA certificate on this MAC computer ( after download it from user portal)

but the problem still exist !

"server is not thrustworty! program will now terminate"

I never had this before and i don't know what is the problem, and i have no idea to resolve it.

Any help please.


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  • So I decided to do a reboot

    Whenever you are rebooting the Sophos XG firewall make sure you run fsck-on-nextboot from Sophos XG SSH CLI console with option 4

    This checks the file system integrity of all the partitions. Turning ON this option forcefully checks the file system integrity on the next device reboot. By default, check is OFF but whenever device goes in failsafe due to following reasons, this check is automatically turned ON: • Unable to start Config/Report/Signature Database • Unable to Apply migration • Unable to find the deployment mode fsck-on-nextboot[ off | on | show ] Once the check is turned ON, on the boot, all the partitions will be checked. The check will be turned OFF again on the next boot. 

    Below are commands: 

    system fsck-on-nextboot show
    system fsck-on-nextboot on

    Thanks and Regards

    "Sophos Partner: Infrassist Technologies Pvt Ltd".

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