Features for IPsec Remote Access

Hello guys.

I recently found out that the ideas portal is over and now it's here and also with the partner.

I see a lot of new features from Sophos with each release, I love all the new features.

A novelty that I hope is the possibility of using "IPsec Remote Access with" two internet links(wan). Today we can only select one WAN link. This is bad, we lose redundancy in case of link failure.

I believe this feature is well liked by the community.

Of course, Sophos connect(client) supporting the two links scaled as directed in the provisioning file.

Another feature that would be interesting is limiting IPsec access by GeoIP.

Does anyone know if these features are on roadmap?

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  • HI ,

    Thank you for sharing your feature request. Another place you can submit your idea, is directly on the Sophos Firewall using the Feedback button.