turn on logging to rsyslog server on xgs fw

hi all,

got an xgs FW and just wondering if it supports sending logs to an rsyslog server, if it does, can i have it save logs to the FW plus forward the logs aswell to the rsyslog server?



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  • Hello there,

    So either format would work, the only difference is how it’ll be shown to you in your Syslog:

    Device Standard Reporting

    <29>device="SFW" date=2022-06-23 time=12:42:28 timezone="PDT" device_name="XG125" device_id=C1A0AXXXXXXX log_id=062009517504 log_type="Event" log_component="GUI" log_subtype="Admin" status="Successful" priority=Notice user_name="admin" src_ip=172.16.15 23/06 12:42:30.577

    Central Reporting

    <29>device_name="SFW" timestamp="2022-06-23T12:43:38-0700" device_model="XG125" device_serial_id="C1A0AXXXXXXX" log_id="062009517504" log_type="Event" log_component="GUI" log_subtype="Admin" status="Successful" severity="Notice" log_version=1 user_name 23/06 12:43:40.669

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