Sophos Connect - slow and freezing connections for SMB and RDP

I'm using Sophos XG 4500 v19 and we have noticed that connections to SMB servers when using Sophos connect remote access with default IPSEC profile are slow and unresponsive.

DoS protection is off  and we are not using traffic shaping.

Any Ideas ?

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  • can we compare the settings of the default "DefaultRemoteAccess" IPSec Policy, which is used for Remote Access in v18.5 with v19?

    Is it possible, that there is now default IPS or whatever enabled for the IPSec packets causing high delay and that this scanning was not active in v18.5?

    You could try disabling IPS and ATP for a moment and reconnect IPSec VPN.

    This is v18.5 MR3:

    DDon't have v19 running.