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DHCP Reservation option

I have created DHCP scope in my Sophos XG230. Now i want to reserve one of the IP from that scope. How is that possible?

I don't want to use static DHCP reservation.

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  • You want to reserve an IP, but you don't want to use reservations? That's funny!

    Or do you want to exclude an IP from being used by the DHCP-Server at all?

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  • You assign the IP to the device and make sure the IP address is outside the DHCP scope range. Unlike most DHCP servers the XH DHCP server does not have the ability of comments about reserved addresses.

    They are either static or dynamic but not able to be reserved, yes, it is a very light version of a DHCP server.

    For the functions you are after you would be better off using an external DHCP server (external to the XG).


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  • I'm assuming you mean you want to have a break in the middle of the dynamic range that you do not manage. That is, what you're calling "reserved" is really "unmanaged" (by the DHCP server). So there are unmanaged addresses and any device that doesn't do a DHCP query can arbitrarily set their own IP to be one of those. And there are two kinds of DHCP-managed: 1) Static, where a specific IP is always given to a specific MAC, and 2) Dynamic, where an available managed-dynamic IP address is given to any MAC that inquires.

    When you set up the dynamically-managed DHCP range, there's a plus to the right where you can click and add multiple ranges that are dynamically managed by the DHCP server. These ranges can't overlap, but can leave gaps. In those gaps you can insert managed-static IPs or you can leave them open to anyone who wants to claim them by not specifying any alternatives.

    So any particular IP can fall into any of the three categories, which is I think what you want.

  • I think a workaround, at least in v19 (but I think it was there in v18) would be to specify a set of dynamically-managed ranges that are non-contiguous and leave gaps where you want to either have statically-managed or "reserved" (unmanaged but not handed out).