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Trouble Setting Up Red Device

I work for a healthcare provider.  We are going to provide services for the schools in our county.  I need to set up a small network (2-6 devices) inside each of the schools that can communicate with the home office.  The school is providing internet via a connection to the schools network.  DHCP is available on the school network. 

I want to setup a red device to allow my devices at the remote site to be managed as is they were on my local network (AD, WSUS,PDQ Deploy, etc), but I want to only send home office through the red. I want all other internet traffic to go through the schools internet connection.

I have a RED-60 and have been attempting to set it up using our guest network as a stand in for the school network.  I have the device in standard/split mode.  I can get the RED to connect and I can ping the red device from the home office but there is no traffic flowing.  I cannot ping any devices connected to the red from the home office.  I also cannot ping any devices on the home office LAN from a computer attached to the RED.


I have set up fire wall rules allowing the red network to communicate with the local LAN and vice versa.


Internet searches have not been fruitful and I have spent the past 2 days chasing my tail.  Can anyone offer some guidance?

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