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SIP Traffic Dropped to

I have multiple customers who have hosted PABX in the Commander Cloud.  I have repeated cases where the issue is perceived to be Sophos Firewall caused.  The phone company provider is common in all the cases.  Commander is common in all the cases.  The solutions is to put a Draytec router in.  I have collected thousands of packet without a drop on any device.  SIP helper is disabled.  QOS is on in some case, off in others. I have changed the UDP timeout to 150.  I have unbloud the IPSEC\SSL VPN from the traffic.  I have placed SIP traffic higher in the rules.  The phone system provider cannot provide support and have washed their hands of the issue and told the customer it is a Sophos.  I have the customers recording phone  number and logging the issue.  Raising cases but I ma not hopeful.

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