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RED20 doesn't connect to the XG

Recently I purchased a RED20 to connect our branch office to HQ. The HQ has a Sophos XG firewall (XG310) which is all up to date.

When I try to connect the RED20 from the brach office to HQ no connection is being made.

What happens is this:

when booting the RED20 the system light starts blinking green and after a few seconds it's steady green and the router light starts blinking green.

After 70 seconds the router light dies and the system light turns red. This sequence keeps repeating itself.

The RED20 is connected directly to router and it should get an IP address from it.

On the XG I added a RED interface but it doesn't show any signs of connectivity with the RED20 (offline)

Does somebody have any clue why this isn't working?

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  • Thanks for the soultion.

    A DNAT rule was misconfigured. 

    The traffic was hitting NAT ID rule number 32, uponc checking your NAT rule it seems your rule has the Service as ANY, which is causing this issue

    DNAT rule was narrowed down to the port specific being used to access the WRDSGW server.

    Basically what is happening is that the XG is caching all the traffic in any incoming port and passing it down to the WRDSGW server.