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Hey there,

i have the exact same issue like already written here:


But sadly i cannot view the screenshots provided. Can anyone give me the option to disable the alarm for that specific issue? Heartbeat is missing, mostly because of instable Wi-Fi connection or something else. Its actually not relevant for us so we do not want any E-Mail notification from Sophos Central.

In Sophos Central you can configure email alert frequency by severity/produkt/category but i cannot find that thing to disable it.

I hope you can help me with this.

Thank you in advance!

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  • Since MR5, you can configure the missing heartbeat delay. 


    • Missing Heartbeat enhancements to reduce notifications sent for intended/expected changes in endpoint status

    console> system synchronized-security
    delay-missing-heartbeat-detection      suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central
    console> system synchronized-security delay-missing-heartbeat-detection show
    console> system synchronized-security suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central show


  • So, i configured the following:

    console> system synchronized-security suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central

    verified that 

    console> system synchronized-security suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central show

    returns "0".

    I will report in a few days if the notifications are now turned off.

    Thank you in advance!

  • 0 means "zero delay". It stands for Seconds until XG will report a missing heartbeat.

    Just to be sure, what this actually means: 

    If you shutdown a client or a service etc. the Heartbeat service will be closed on the client. XG will notice this and expects no traffic anymore. But in some race condition, the client still sends traffic while shutting down. 

    This causes Missing heartbeat alerts.

    You can activate a suppression in seconds to increase the threshold until this message will be generated. For example: You can try to set the value to 60 sec. This means, XG will ignore 60 secs long traffic, even if the heartbeat traffic is stopped. (PS: Only the generation of alerts, the protection feature is still enabled). 


  • Thank you for the detailed explanation. I will report the results in 1 or 2 days.

    Current setting:

    console> system synchronized-security suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central set seconds 60


    console> system synchronized-security suppress-missing-heartbeat-to-central show

    should return "60"

    console> system synchronized-security delay-missing-heartbeat-detection show

    Still returns unchanged "60".

  • Yes, 60 is the Default Value for this. You can increase it to 120 or you can increase the other threshhold for Alerts send to Central from 0 to 60. 


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