Problem between RED and XG - transmission of the voice


we have a problem with the transmission of the voice on our IP telephones between the XG and the SD-RED 20.

The connection can be established (it rings and you can pick up the receiver), but nothing can be heard.

The RED is located in the network

The XG in the network

The telephone system has the

Otherwise all traffic between the XG and the RED works.

Do any routes have to be set here in addition to the firewall roles?

Thank you very much and best regards ...


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  • Assuming you have kept RED in the VPN zone.

    In this case, you just need VPN to LAN firewall rule to communicate between Sophos Firewall local network: and RED network:

    If it's in the LAN zone, then a firewall rule needs to be configured with LAN as a source and destination zone.

    Please take the packet capture by following the below steps:

    ==> Navigate to Diagnostics > Packet capture

    ==> Use BPF string: host 192.168.150.x and proto ICMP

    Here, 192.168.150.x is an IP address of the source machine from where you're checking ICMP(ping).

    ==> Start the capture and initiate a ping from the RED network machine.

    This would confirm whether traffic from the RED network hits on Sophos Firewall or not.

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