Traffic Shaping Policy for Guest VLAN

I followed all the directions for creating a traffic shaping policy and applying it to a rule based on these instructions:

Unfortunately, what happens is all traffic seems to stop working and the wireless indicates "No Internet".

My rule allows our Las Vegas VLAN 120 to access the WAN, but uses a guarantee of 2048KB an limited to 8192KB...more than enough to allow traffic to flow, and just to verify it works, yet no web pages load.

I have tried a variety of combinations such as usage time to individual, using "Any" for the services, I have put the rule at the top, middle, bottom. I have tried applying to a single IP host.  I have tried ANY for source and destination zones.

I've run out of ideas, but I notice that sometimes I have to reboot the firewall for some things to start working...which has been a nightmare considering I do this at least once per week when things are not working right or screens freeze up.

I will try a firewall reboot to see if that fixes the problem, but I have my doubts.

Any help or tips on what could be preventing the Traffic Shaping rules from applying would be great.


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