Sophos Connect for Mac OS Big Sur


One of my users has a brand new Mac with Big Sur installed. The Sophos Connect app appears to have installed correctly, but when we click Import Connection, the dialog box to open the config file appears on screen for a split second before disappearing, and the Sophos Connect app freezes.

I presume Big Sur is not supported yet - is there a timeframe for releasing a new version of Sophos Connect that runs on Big Sur?

Many thanks.

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  • Thanks for this hint!

    In our environment I had to set up around 20 M1 MacBook Air machines. A small handful of units allowed importing a settings file via GUI, but 90% did not. The import dialog disappears after a fraction of a second. I was unable to find any differences between these machines. Using the Sophos admin tool, I was able to convert our TGB file (which cant be imported using sccli) to the newer SCX file, which in turn could be imported easily. Easily as in Allow-Terminal-full-disk-access-before-the-file can-be-read at least :-)

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