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Do I mirror or replicate my Sql Server database in Azure for a dev site to test features using production data?

I've set up my website (app service) and database (Sql Server) in Azure. Right now it works like this:

prod website -> prod database

The prod website has connection strings to the prod database and all is good!

What I want to do now is to have my dev website (prod slot) point to a mirrored/replicated dev database, that has the mirrored data from production, so I can test new features with prod data.

dev site (slot) -> dev database (Sql Server)

I think I want my dev database as a mirror or replica of the production database, where if I make changes (test new features) I can manually or on a schedule update the dev database to whatever the prod is. Ex. every night at midnight re-mirror prod to dev. So any new changes made to dev during the day get wiped out.

Questions -

  1. Do I do this with mirroring or with replication in Azure app service?
  2. Is there a better way to have a dev site and dev database in Azure where by which I can use production data to test without changing the production data? I'm new to all Azure features, but this setup is how I've experienced working in different enterprise groups in the past!

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